Cast & Campaign

Chromythica is a Pathfinder 2e actual play campaign about belonging, community, and the process of making meaning out of complex situations. Come for friends having boisterous fun, stay for the journey we go on together!

We — Alex, David, Esther, Fai, Justin — are five friends who know each other through various life connections. Each of us cares very deeply about the power of storytelling as a technology of community-building, meaning-making, and social change. We hope you may find something in the story we’re telling that inspires you and brings you joy.

Tonally, our show spans a range from pleasant sitcom-like escapades to more dramatic, serious themes. We use a variety of safety tools to ensure our own comfort, safety, and consent during play.

Themes or story elements you won’t encounter in Chromythica include: any kind of sexual misconduct or violence; transphobia and gender-based discrimination and violence; systematic racism and xenophobia; systems of slavery and enslaving others[1]; homophobia and sexual orientation-based discrimination and violence; incredibly graphic descriptions of gore.

Content notices for our campaign will be provided on an episode-by-episode basis. Content notices for the show will generally include strong language (we do like to swear sometimes!) and implied off-screen/backstory mistreatment of an Awakened animal.

System & Setting

Our campaign is set in the Pathfinder world of Golarion. Chromythica also contains many homebrew elements and deviations from some aspects of the official Pathfinder canon that you might be familiar with from rulebooks.

We incorporate many elements of the Pathfinder 2e system as-written in rulebooks, and our GM also expands on and tailors the rules to fit our playing style. If you’re looking for a campaign that uses the exact rules as written, we may not be the best fit, but if you’re down for a bit of flexibility, we’re a great choice.

Chromythica brings you a new adventure every other week on Tuesdays. Check our blog or our YouTube page for our most recent uploads.

If you’re looking to get started, head here for the first episode!

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  1. In the context of our game, artifacts, spells, and effects that induce temporary mind-body control are permissible; familiar-caster relationships are consensual; and an exception to some of our agreements around storylines of control are made for Ember’s (our Awakened Husky Barbarian) backstory. ↩︎