Welcome to Chromythica

In the time before time, in the union-that-was before the Great Rending, the darkness and the light were not separate. They entwined as one, hovering within the waters of the deep, cocooned and basking in this incarnation of all-that-is.

From the Rending emerged fragmentation and binaries. Dark against light. Salt against fresh. Fire against water. Love against hate. The vibrant against the pallid. Sibling against sibling.

Now, we only speak of the Great Rending in solemn whispers. We banish the very name of our Mother from our lips, as if the mention of her will bring the Rending upon us anew; as if she is something only to fear. But I have always believed we are loath to speak of these things because we are still in mourning, longing for all that we have lost in the becoming of what we are now.

There are those who remember how we came to this place. Through union to disunion, through the planes and great voids and the dark tapestry. Perhaps that is why I have always loved the stars: for me, to look at them is to remember.

Yet let the wise beware: for as deeply as we mourn the memory of the union-that-was, so too do we hallow revenge on those that rend from us what we love.

- Excerpt from the personal journals of Athervox, ????AR

Chromythica is a Pathfinder 2e actual play campaign about belonging, community, and the process of making meaning out of complex situations.

Our story follows the adventures of Ember (Awakened husky Barbarian), Oom Gildrose (gnome Sorcerer), Professor Z (gnome Inventor), and Temerity Vane (tiefling elf Rogue), as they join forces in the gnome city of Brastlewark. Our four companions learn that they are connected by the mysterious death of the powerful Druid Orianna Selestine, and the subsequent Awakening of her former animal companion, Ember, by a mysterious entity. Though they don’t know it yet, these four are fated to match wits with the fey, tangle with Infernal powers, sway the destinies of dragons, and change the course of history…

Season 1 • Episode 11 • 17 April, 2024

11: A Leap of Faith

In our eleventh episode, the party re-unites and take on the mission of showing Irvik and Nimri a good time in Brastlewark, which leads them to two venerable establishments: the Cockwork Inn and the Temple of Shelyn. Between flirtations and beauty...

Season 1 • Episode 10 • 25 July, 2023

10: His Best Self

In our tenth episode, Professor Z and Ember hang out in the woods, make a new friend, and learn about why the forest is in a little bit of a state these days. Back at the Palace, Temerity and Oom ponder the fate of King DTF's forced guests and wind...

Season 1 • Episode 9 • 24 January, 2023

9: Bats and Brandy

In our ninth episode, Professor Z and Ember discover the merits of earning a Golarion Scout Badge early in life when they attempt to set up camp. Several hours, a giant bat, and one fight later, they find themselves guests of a mysterious forest...

Season 1 • Episode 8 • 25 January, 2022

8: King DTF

In our eighth episode, the party and their pal Miv find themselves up against a rube-goldberg machine, an aging academic, and absolutely terrible Stealth rolls. Disguises are worn, dragons are swaddled, and we technically visit our very first...