Chromythica • Season 1 • Episode 3 • 29 June, 2021 • 

Episode 3: Divinations and Dragons

In our third episode, the party seeks information about a passage censored from a book once owned by Orianna Selestine, Ember’s deceased Druid master. We meet a bard named Miv over dinner and are treated to a demonstration of their skill at playing the mountain dulcimer; attempt to connect to our own inner divinitory potential; terrify yet another gnome (this time in a city park); and formulate conspiracy theories about the monarchs of Kyonin and Brastlewark being romantically involved with the same dragon. With minds like ours, who needs tabloids in Golarion?

Content Notices:

Referenced and insinuated offscreen pre-campaign cruelty to an Awakened animal; some swearing and coarse language; light references to romantic and sexual affairs.