Chromythica • Season 1 • Episode 4 • 07 September, 2021 • 

Episode 4: The Percussive Exit

In our fourth episode, the party dines at Chez Z and ponders the wisdom of exploding a construct over dinner. Then, we make an excursion into the foothills to spy on a secret observatory, roll terribly, and discover some mysterious metal figures guarding a moonlit path. Everything is fine and dandy, and we’re sure that when we go back we’ll encounter nothing of note on this road to a forbidden observatory!

Content Notices:

Strong language; potential references to offscreen cruelty to an Awakened Animal as part of character backstory; in-universe references to non-traumatic instances of a neighborhood burning down and someone getting stuck in their home for a few days with low food rations. There are also references to forest fires.